Mergers & Acquisitions

Grace Advisory has an outstanding track record in ensuring companies achieve their goals across a range of M&A specialist fields:

  • M&A transactions with financing requirements
  • Cross-border M&A transactions, especially between US, Europe and Asia based firms
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures

We provide advise on M&A transactions for one party exclusively. This maintains our ethical, conflict-free independence and our focus on representing the best interests of our clients. We advise clients looking to accelerate their growth path through acquisitions and clients who are seeking to divest all or part of their business. We act for small and medium sized companies as well as for portfolio firms owned by venture capital, private equity and hybrid funds. What sets Grace Advisory apart is our involvement in every phase of the transaction: from corporate review and analysis to identification and stimulation of interest from potential partners through to enterprise valuation, negotiation and deal completion. We are our clients’ partners at each and every stage of the journey, through the rough and the smooth. To achieve success, Grace Advisory oversees and coordinates all of our clients’ advisors – legal, tax, accounting – to drive forward the transaction and to ensure high-quality communication.